What is Google Search Console and Why is it Important?

Most people have heard of Google Analytics, Google’s tool that tells you what people are doing once they are on your website. But less people have heard of Google Search Console.

In a nutshell, Google Search Console (GSC, also previously known as Google Webmaster Tools) is a tool that tells you how your website is being perceived by Google itself by showing information related to your website’s organic performance.

It is a simple way for you to communicate with Google, including:

  • Knowing which queries and keywords are being used to find your site
  • Whether your organic (unpaid) Google traffic is going up or down
  • Identify any errors that Google has with your website such as broken pages
  • Get notified that Google is penalising your website for a specific reason
  • Understand what links are pointing to your site and to which pages
  • Notify Google that your website has changed domains
  • Etc

Google Search Console is an essential tool, and installing it is absolutely best practice for website owners especially if you have an interest in performing SEO.

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